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Justice Center

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Reminder that our Justice Center meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of every month 12:00 pm at the Safety Services Building 126 Hopewell Ave. Tiffin, OH 44883



Program of Requirements Presented March 23, 2016


March 7, 2016 Presentation


News Release                                                                           


Seneca County Justice Center

For Release 12/30/2015 after 5 p.m.

Contact: Holly Stacy, 419-447-4550, ext.104


Seneca County Justice Center Project Preparing for Construction in New Year


Tiffin, Ohio – The Seneca County Justice Center project is wrapping up a year of significant progress and kicking-off 2016 with the momentum to be in construction no later than mid-year. In 2015 the justice center project cleared a number of key milestones to now be in the pre-contracting stages. “Decisions in the past 12 months have included the location; to have a joint project with the County and the City; the establishment of the Leadership team - with County, City and Judicial Representation; the signing of a Cooperative Agreement and Management Agreement between the owners (County and City); the hiring of Quandel Construction Group as the Owner’s Representative, Silling Associates as the Architect and Engineers (A&E), and Gilbane Building Company as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR).” said Holly Stacy, chairman of the Leadership Team and President of the Board of Commissioners.


“A number of factors provided assistance to having the project at this stage as 2015 comes to a close,” said Tiffin Mayor Aaron D. Montz, “including past studies on space needs, location, and the engagement of an External and Internal Design Committee led by Common Pleas II Judge Steve Shuff. ” One very important fact the Leadership team recognizes, as the design team is beginning to put concepts on paper, is that the cost projections included in the 2014 study were based on 2013 construction costs and did not include all of the necessary design work. “Based on information provided by our owner’s representative, when considering the impact from construction cost escalation since 2013 alone the final cost is likely to exceed the original $10 million dollar targeted price.” said Stacy. “The cost of construction since 2013 has increased over 10%. Fortunately, based on information available to-date, our owners’ representative is telling us that the project cost is currently forecasted to be closer to $11 million, which is only a 10% increase from our benchmark.” she added. Neither Stacy, or Montz see this as a deal breaker, both indicating that learning this prior to contracts being signed is good, as no one is going to be surprised after the fact.


Seneca County/City of Tiffin will be issuing Letters of Intent to Silling Associates for A&E services and to Gilbane Building Company for CMR to initiate preconstruction services prior to contracts being finalized in January 2016. Silling Associates is currently updating a Program of Requirements with the Leadership Team and future occupants to define and validate the space and size needs for the future facility. Common Pleas I Judge Michael Kelbley has participated in discussions that will lead to the building layout. “The process we are going through assures me that the needs of the occupants will be taken into consideration at all phases of the design work,” said Kelbley. “The experience that Silling brings to our project is helping us to make the best use of every dollar we are putting into the building.”


At the last Leadership Team meeting a plan for communication and cost effective decision-making during the design and construction process was established. “As the project moves forward it is imperative that we have a clear communication plan so that cost-effective decisions can be made.” said Montz. “We will have representatives from all three entities designated so that when decisions are needed they do not cause a delay, which in turn would cost us time and money.”


The Leadership Team will be creating resolutions to give authoritative thresholds for change order approval during construction based on monetary magnitude. Their owner’s representative that will be onsite 4 days a week will be given authority to approve change orders up to $5,000. Individual


pg 2/Seneca County Justice Center/12-30-15 after 5 p.m.








representatives from the County, City, and Judges will be given authority for change orders between $5,000 and $25,000. Any changes made during construction resulting in more than $25,000 will be sent

before the County Commission and the City Council for full approval. Establishing a plan prior to construction will enable the Leadership Team to make timely decisions to keep the project running on schedule. “Having an approval level plan in place in advance of the final contracts will allow our entire

team to know where the authority will come from if and when cost changes occur.” Montz added.


Quandel Construction Group, the owner’s representative, presented the Leadership Team with an outline of their Quality Control Program. The program booklet identifies the duties Quandel will be responsible to the Leadership Team for during construction. “Monthly Core Team meetings involving the Leadership Team, Owner’s Representative, Architect/Engineer, and Construction Manager at Risk have now been scheduled to occur every fourth Friday of the month starting in January 2016.” said Owners Representative Holly McLean, Quandel Construction Group. “The Leadership Team intends to create and use a communications plan that engages the owners, construction partners and end users of this public project.”


Upon the completion of the contracting phase with the A&E and CMR, the Leadership Team will be able to establish and release the project schedule, which is anticipated to be completed in 2017.









RFQ's for Professional Engineering Services and Construction Manager at Risk for the Joint Justice Center are due by August 28, 2015 at 11:00 am at 111 Madison St. Tiffin, OH 44883


Questions & Answers

Commissioner Stacy,

We have the following questions regarding the RFQ for Architectural and Engineering services for the Joint Justice Center:

  1. Can the evaluation criteria that will be used in evaluating the Statement of Qualifications be published? We will be setting the evaluation criteria on August 28, 2015 at the next meeting of the Leadership team.

  2. Can the weighted scoring for the criteria used in the evaluating the Statement of Qualifications be published? Same as above.

  3. What is the anticipated time line and process for evaluation, interview, selection, and negotiation for A/E contract? Estimated time line. After they are opened on August 28 the RFQ’s will go back to their boards/council for evaluation. The next scheduled meeting for the Leadership team is set for September 11, 2015 at noon to review the evaluations.

  4. For item #3 of the RFQ (one page statement of interest and qualifications), can this be more than one page?  If you feel you cannot accurately relay the information in one page, feel free to use additional but please keep it short and to the point; as is for the reason of limiting pages.


    For item #3 of the RFQ (one page statement of interest and qualifications), each team will be comprised of several firms to provide all the different services required, can each firm within a team have one page? Yes,I feel that is a fair request.



RFQ for Professional Engineering Services 

RFQ for Contstruction Manager at Risk